Dichotomy of Woman

The roles of women in society tent to be portrayed in the extreme - as either good or bad, innocent or seductive, pious or wicked - thus oversimplifying the female personality. The items used in fabrication reinforce feminine norms, and are painted to show superficial labels placed on women. 

Dichotomy of Woman is on display as part of MOA's permanent collection in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

*This piece was collaborative, and Tiffany played a role in collecting materials for the composition.  She sourced the following: large background fans, bottom swag fabric, lace, candelabras, wire bowls and cage, oil lamps, sconces, tridacna shell, swans, lady with hat and purse, napkins rings, cherub, ceramic flowers, pearl necklace worn by 'Lady', brilliant cut glassware, metal planter, domed flowers, large lower swag pearls, metal soap dish