Prism Drops 2018

Prism Drops 2018

As an artist and scientist, my art operates in a world of dualities, created with a wide and varying range of media.  My approach to fabrication draws heavily on an organized skillset that comes from a background in biology and business. My design and craftsmanship choices are analytical, precise, and closely correlated with numbers and symmetry. I tend to employ elements of geometry and balance, be they highlighted or hidden behind a façade of perceived spontaneity or chaos.

While many of my works are strikingly colorful, playful, and light-hearted, I also enjoy working in monochrome or black and white, creating pieces that are shocking, destructive, visceral, or that promote awareness for social or environmental issues.

The use of texture plays in an important role in my art, inviting viewers to participate with interactive pieces. Conversely, I create work that is fragile and delicate, or even dangerous, and that is best observed with reverence.

I have an extreme curiosity and love for learning, which comes across with elements of fantasy and exploration in my artwork. Curiosity is one of the most beautiful characteristics of humanity.  When we search to explain our observations, we employ an important internal process that causes us to become actively engaged with the world, allowing our minds to be captivated by the fantastic.  When people experience my art, I want them to encounter their own curiosity. 

A feeling of otherworldliness often pervades my art. Viewers are intrigued by the illusion of weightlessness in hanging pieces, or by catching the senses with kinetic elements, tactile components and sound, or by the incorporation of new media in the form of lights and motors. My work calls on the viewer to step from a place of complacency to wonder, creating space for momentarily transportation by providing an experience that is both transformative and informative.