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August 5th - September 25, 2016
MOA's Indoor Atrium Gallery

About the Exhibition
“Archetype Revival” explores ways in which traditional archetypes can be reinvented. The artists utilized classical theater archetypes and experimented with the concept of archetype as prototype. The result is a playful exhibition that makes the viewer ponder what we know about archetypes and how they can change over time. The exhibition was created by nine undergraduate level emerging artists that were selected to participate in MOA’s annual summer Design and Build program under the direction of Master Artist, Cory Gilstrap.

Artist in Residence: Cory Gilstrap Emerging Artists: Alyssa Edmunds, Colen Hansen, Tiffany Matheson, Kalli Padgett, Travis Powell, Emma Scher, Brennen Turner, Amanda Vela & Natasha Vidger. Also featuring works in the Atrium Gallery by Design and Build Alumni: Lanka, Georges Loewenguth & Jesse Nickell. FREE and Open to the public.   

This exhibition is generously supported by the City of Englewood and the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.